Kumala’s Fairtrade Commitment Supports South African Grape Growers Investing in Local Communities

Why buy Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a system of certification that aims to ensure a set of standards are met in the production and supply of a product or ingredient. This means that workers and farms have safer working conditions, fairer pay and workers’ rights. For our customers, it provides reassurance of ethically sourced products.

With Fairtrade, farmers and workers can improve their lives and have greater control over their future.  Fairtrade equips them to manage challenges such as extreme weather events and the current pandemic – supporting farmers to keep their communities safe.  Fairtrade also plays a supporting role in the conservation of natural resources and reinforcing good agricultural practice and environmental sustainability.

How does Kumala support Fairtrade?

South Africa is not just one of the world’s most diverse and dynamic wine regions, but also, the largest producer of Fairtrade wine globally. There are 24 producer organisations, and the region accounts for almost 2/3rds of Fairtrade wine sales.*

At Kumala we are all about Keeping It Kolourful and celebrating the vibrancy of our Rainbow Nation, South Africa.  We love supporting our heritage, and our Fairtrade commitment does just that.  A proportion of sales from our Fairtrade Shiraz Pinotage Malbec supports our South African grape growers to invest in healthcare and education within their community.

With Fairtrade certification, our growers can earn a fairer price for their harvest and an additional Fairtrade Premium goes to the workers themselves. They collectively choose how to invest this Premium through initiatives that benefit the local community.

Some of the local initiatives that our Kumala product has contributed to through the Fairhills Initiative include:
• Making library books and computer education available to schools including a mobile library for rural areas
• Supporting youth, women’s and sports clubs
• Providing access to better healthcare through centres, mobile clinics and eye care.
• Providing 3 buses to transport members and employees to work, funerals, club & social events, hospitals and other Fairhills Projects
• Skills development which could benefit job creation such as acquiring licenses for drivers and forklifts

Exclusively at Co-op: Delicious Shiraz Pinotage Malbec

In addition to meeting the strict Fairtrade Standards, our Kumala Shiraz Pinotage Malbec is a smooth wine with a vibrant blend of berry flavour with a hint of oak. It’s medium body and mocha aromas, make this ruby red wine the perfect pairing at BBQs.

Kumala Fairtrade Shiraz Pinotage Malbec is available exclusively at Co-op stores nationwide at £7.

* Fairtrade – Farmers and Workers – Wine Farmers